Recent Landscape Paintings > Clouds on Moor 3, North Pennines
Clouds on Moor 3, North Pennines
2005, Oil on board SOLD
0 x 0 cm

Inspired by the music of Phillip Glass in which patterns are clearly discernible but never quite repeat. The North Pennines has an internationally important area of blanket bog which acts as a vast but living storage of captured atmospheric carbon going back 11 000 years. The surface is a rich ecosystem of plants, invertebrates, mammals and seasonal birds but it has been heavily managed and drained by the hunting estates that own it and make a living from it. There is a balance to be struck between exploitation for short term human gain and conservation for the well being of nature and of our current existence on the planet. Gloomy inaccesible blanket bogs which act as a sponge for the capture of rain water which we drink down stream has now become the focus of both scientific and artistic attention. The grips, dykes and drains are now being blocked with the land owners consent and research is being conducted by many universities into the capacity of good quality bog to capture carbon and the best practical and cost effective ways to restore eroded peat back to prime condition.

Every time I move the Golden Plover tweets a sweet/sad warning to my ear atop a peat hag.0
©2004 Tom McElderry