Residencies 1992-2014 > Volante Residency 199-2001. Exhibition opening.
Volante Residency 199-2001. Exhibition opening.
0 x 0 cm

We finished the pilot project with a PR coup. CEO John Park on left used his charm and knowledge to persuade John Burton, Tony Blair's Trimdon agent, to arrange for the Blairs to come and open an exhibition of mine and the kids work at the factory during their annual Christmas visit to the Sedfgefield constituency.
With Cherie pregnant the media were exceptionally interested and it didn't take much to get the BBC cameras over plus some of the traditionally deaf arts world officials. Everyone whose anyone wants to have their moment in the sun. The effect was to massively increase (albeit temporarily) my worthiness as an artist and we managed to lever out a significant amount of money from sponsors for the Year of the Artist part of the project in 2000.
Also in the photo are the marvelous head mistress of Trimdon Grange Primary School and my wife to be, Alex.0
©2004 Tom McElderry