Residencies 1992-2014 > Volante residency notice board.
Volante residency notice board.
0 x 0 cm

To keep everyone up to date with my work I erected a large laminate notice board to which I blu-taced a range of drawings and other information. I used this as sounding board for what was working. It was vital for me to get some feedback from people in a number of different ways as i knew this would give me something to work with and could help to create a positive feeling. The problem at the beginning was "who needs an artist" and "this isn't for me" or "is this a management trick". By the end I think few if nay thought this but instead I had made many friends and good acquaintances and as far as I know no enemies. At one point I erected a large blank sheet of paper and a pen on a string to see what people would draw. Predictably people didn't draw much at all but made plenty of rude jokes to such an extent that I had to take it down as it was turning into an official graffiti board. Still a worthwhile experiment as it humanized my presence there.0
©2004 Tom McElderry