Art Commissions > Cheviot Hills from Yellow Rigg, Northumberland (N002)
Cheviot Hills from Yellow Rigg, Northumberland (N002)
0, Oil on canvas NFS
101 x 75 cm

A notional view of Northumberland and the Cheviot Hills from Yellow Rigg as imagined from memory. The customer did not want an accurate view from a particular place but rather a composition that felt right. I based some aspects on drawings such as the shape of the Cheviots from Yellow Rigg near Hexham. The pattern of fields and woods was largely invented as were the clouds and the foreground. The painting was built up in layers over 3 months at the same time as another painting of Northumnberland of the same size (N001 in the paintings gallery). The customer was offered a choice of the two paintings.

Now available as an A3+ limited edition, framed & mounted print price 195 + p&p or 125+p&p mounted print only or 99 print only in a tube. 0
©2004 Tom McElderry