Earth Journey 2010-2015 > Redwing, High Summer (EJ 9)
Redwing, High Summer (EJ 9)
0, Acrylic on wood. 495
60 x 55 cm

Redwing Chapel slowly decays among the over grown grave stones, the mature trees absorbing the rare heat of summer. The river South Tyne is full of water, shed from the high moors of Tyne Head. 3 geese guard the entrance to the graveyard whilst underground children explore the dark passages of the leadmines with orange helmets and head torches.
Floating framed in white painted beech.
Alston Artspace Gallery 2012.

Now available as an A3+ limited edition, framed & mounted print price 195 + p&p or 125+p&p mounted print only or 99 print only in a tube. Prices for larger sizes on application.0
©2004 Tom McElderry