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Cheviot Odyssey (Chev7)
0, oil on canvas SOLD
122 x 76 cm

Based on drawings done for the Freeman Hospital Newcastle in 2009 this painting has been through a number of transformation the most recent of which was inspired by the heavy snow falls in December 2010.

The drawings were made in the Breamish Valley above Ingram but the painting does not pretend to be a picture from a particular view point. Rather it is best to think of it as a fresh studio exploration of memories or a re-discovery of a place through the imagination. The viewer could follow routes along paths or off track through the foreground space and into the remote uplands, a process of imaginative exploration which walkers often do when surveying a real landscape for ways in and across. We exercise primitive mental faculties when doing this as every landscape can be seen a changing set of prospects and refuges for the neolithic hunter within.

There is a reasonably faithful reference to both Ritto Hill and Shin Moor at the head of the Breamish Valley.0
©2004 Tom McElderry