Earth Journey 2010-2015 > Moorland Spate (EJ18)
Moorland Spate (EJ18)
2010, Oil on board 1700
79 x 75 cm

The pennine way zig zags up from the valley floor at Garrigill to the moors that lead away into the watersheds of the South Tyne and Tees rivers beneath Cross Fell. This painting has changed over time corresponding with changes in my intuitive feelings of space and pictorial balance in the picture. As much a response to natural phenomena such as light, atmospheric movement and erosion as it is to aesthetic phenomena such as colour, mark and balance.
Alston art Space gallery 2012.

Now available as an A3+ limited edition, framed & mounted print price 195 + p&p or 125+p&p mounted print only or 99 print only in a tube. Prices for larger sizes on application.0
©2004 Tom McElderry