Beach Paintings > Hut and Castle, Embleton Bay
Hut and Castle, Embleton Bay
0, Oil on board 990
53 x 122 cm

Framed in platinum leafed wood with cream insert. Based on sketches and memories of the National Trust dunes at Newton by the Sea in Northumberland. A simple corrugated iron fisherman's hut lies protected by the dunes contrasting with the eroding hulk of a 14th century castle exposed atop the Greta Whin Sill. Further up the dunes a 1st world war pill box settles slowly into the dune whilst the roof of a holiday shack peeps out to sea on the top of the dune. Eternal skies lower threateningly above the coast. Humans inhabit limited space and time on Earth.

Now available as an A3+ limited edition, framed & mounted print price 195 + p&p or 125+p&p mounted print only or 99 print only in a tube. 0
©2004 Tom McElderry