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Titanic Ship Profile Original
1976, Gouache
130 x 65 cm

1:300 scale gouache painting of Triple Screw Steamer Titanic 1912 based on Harland and Wolff Ltd general arrangement drawings and contemporary photographs.Very accurate and very detailed freehand painting with traces of pencil construction lines for keel, stem post, aft perpendicular and counter stern angles.

Painted in style of traditional Edwardian ship profiles with various human figures for scale. Shown flying French destination flag on forward mast for Cherbourg leg of her maiden voyage, the White Star Line flag on the after mast and the Red Ensign on the stern. Decorative boarders and font unique to this image. All surface blemishes, due to age of painting, remain untouched.

To the Titanic expert there are small deviations from the actual ship due to limits of information available in 1976 in the source reference material, namely the 1972 reprint of The Shipbuilder Magazine Special Number from June 1911, published by Patrick Stephens Ltd. Hence no gold line at the shelter deck level (C deck). This painting is entirely of its time when the Titanic story and technical details were not the extensively researched and published world-wide phenomenon of 2012.

Framed in stained wood and gold leaf. Glazed. Plywood backing. Image painted on 2 sheets of buff yellow card overlap joined with glue and transparent adhesive tape. All edges transparent adhesive taped for protection.

Limited edition prints now available to commemorate the 100th anniversary of RMS Titanic's sinking in 1:600 and 1:300 scale framed or unframed. Available on request through website.0
©2004 Tom McElderry