Other Paintings > Mr Abid-Ali, Clifton Beach, Karachi
Mr Abid-Ali, Clifton Beach, Karachi
0, Gouache 500
26 x 21 cm

Mr Abid-Ali had a fizzy drinks cafe on the beach at Clifton, Karachi, pakistan. I sat in there and painted him whilst he posed on his mobile Pepsi stall outside looking very relaxed. A small crowd watched as a painted so i'm not sure how I managed to concentrate so well as it is a very good likeness of Mr Ali. I wonder how he is?
Nowadays I wouldn't dream of catching a bus down to Clifton beach on my own to spend the day drawing and painting. As a lone white westerner I might well be a target for abuse so this painting might represent a moment of relative peace and harmony between Pakistan and the West. Of course it might also represent a time of youthful but uniformed optimism and invulnerability.0
©2004 Tom McElderry