Art Commissions > 'Reverie' - installation in St James's Buildings
'Reverie' - installation in St James's Buildings
2013, acrylic on canvas on board
350 x 140 cm

Commissioned by the building's owner, Bruntwood Estates, for the entrance to St James's Buildings, Oxford Street, Manchester to celebrate 100 years of the building's existence and its occupation by the Calico Printers Association from 1912-1972. Motifs are based on textile designs created by the CPA at St James's Buildings between 1920 and 1959 and now archived at the V&A national textile collection in London. The painting also references aspects of the building's important period architecture including the 1912 safe desposit boxes in the basement. Painted on 3 panels above on of the two main lift vestibules, the painting explores a dream-like aspect of some of the CPA designs, especially from the inter-war period when fun and eccentric textile designs reflected the high society culture of that period. 0
©2004 Tom McElderry