Beach Paintings > Pedn Vounder
Pedn Vounder
2013, Acrylic 450
51 x 41 cm

Unframed with painted edges on deep canvas. Painted on location above Pedn Vounder beach West Cornwall in early June. Spring had been late so the cliffs were covered in a broad range of flowers all nodding in the sea breeze. Everything shimmered with life, light and colours and I saw Cornwall in new light. In the heat and breeze the acrylic colours dried extremely quickly both on the painting and on my brushes and palette- a challenge. Since the view of the beach I wanted was near the coastal path I had to snuck down in a spot where I wouldn't be disturbed by walkers. The cliff in the middle distance is an ancinet iron age fort with a locally famous rocking stone called the Logan Rock.0
©2004 Tom McElderry