Art Commissions > Riverside 1 at Quayside House Newcastle upon Tyne
Riverside 1 at Quayside House Newcastle upon Tyne
1995, acrylic and collage on canvas
0 x 0 cm

I photographed this in Nov 2014. It's been moved from its original location to this rather tropical spot next to the lifts which really transforms the space and feel of the lift lobby. The building's present owners decided they didn't want the paintings anymore following a refurbishment of the reception area and offered them to Cheryl the Buildings Manager who's worked there since 1996. She's put Riverside 2 in storage pending disposal but had the inspired idea to put this one by the lifts (an interesting parallel with my 2012 Bruntwood commission at St Jame's Buildings in Manchester). I think the two pictures should be offered to Tyne and Wear Museums as they represent an important moment in the development of Newcastle and Gateshead quaysides celebrating the heritage of buildings and bridges but looking forward to a bold and confident architectural future.0
©2004 Tom McElderry